Reflections in Art..

"In The Creative Throes of
a Reality Apart..

Imagination is more important
than knowledge.
Albert Einstein.

Considering that it took several years of studies at the School of Visual Arts and Literature: Cristobal Rojas, in Caracas where i obtained a "title" in art and literature also.

My paintings are based upon the freedom to express creativity in all of its facets, in this activity I discover the relationship of each form expressed, through my consciousness and the collective consciousness. Each of my works is like unto a personal mandala. It's like starting a journey that opens the doorway for the return to myself, to be free, and to connect with deeper dimensions beyond the physical world and thus escape from mediocrity and ordinariness of everyday life.

In 1984, Marle began her studies in art, in the school of art and Literature, "Cristóbal Rojas", "located in the city of Caracas (capital of Venezuela). After 5 years of studies she graduated in 1989 with the title or degree "Suficiencia en Arte and universal literature". During her studies she participated in collective exhibitions in various galleries in Caracas amongst which was the well known Gallery Muro, as well as the National Art Gallery and the galleries of the art school. After graduating she moved to the beautiful city of Merida, famous for "The City within University"  touristic city also beautiful city famous for its beautiful mountains and lakes and for having the highest cable car in the world, and close to her natal city of birth, Mucuchies. She lived and worked in Merida until 2003 where she was registered for two semesters in the continuing studies of plastic arts (painting and sculpture) at the University of the Andes receiving the corresponding certificates and credits. She also taught art courses for BIOMA, (AN ECOLOGY ORGANIZATION) as well as various courses in literature and  painting for children. In Merida she participated in varuious exhibitions, both for artistic groups and cultural organizations of the area como MUCUSUTUY, as well as the "Gran Fraternidad Universal".  She currently resides in the U.S.A


2012 Dicember to March, Exposition: "Encounter of Artists in The city Mérida." Invitation of: Botanic Garden Gallery of the city.

2010  September, Hispanic Heritage Exposition, Bay County Public library Panama City FL.

2010 - Main Street Gallery of Art. Historic Dowtown Panama City, Florida.

2010 - Mask parade.  Panama City, Florida.

2008 - 2009 Exposition Permanent in the Try County Hearins. Beverly Hills   Florida.

2006 - Invitation Clearwater City Public Library, to Exposition at 2007.

 2004 - 2005 - Participation with Paintings in Cultural Fridays of Calle Ocho, Miami Fl. 
 "Viernes culturales de la calle ocho," Miami, Florida.

2003 - January, Participation in the workshop in Painting with Watercolors, presented by
          the Artistic group of Matlacha, Pine Island, Florida

2002 - July & August, First Seminar in Holistic Education and its Application to life and to Art. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, State of Merida Venezuela.

2002 - August Workshop in Photography, "The Practice of Photography",
          General Direction of  Culture and Extension University of the Andes Merida.

2000 - 2001  Workshop for Professional Improvement in Art, "Sculpture for large spaces".
          University of the Andes Merida. (one year)

1999 - 2000 Workshop for Professional Improvement in Art, Drawing and Painting level 4.
          University of the Andes Mérida.

1994 - 1995 Facilitator of the Ceramic and Painting Workshops BIOMA (Foundation for the    conservation of biological diversity).

1992 - Literature workshop, introduction to Literary creativity. University of the Andes Merida.

1988 – Extension Course, Introduction to the appreciation of Classic & Modern Painting,
          University Institute Santa Rosa de Lima.

1989 - Exposition of Paintings, "Vocacion Uno" Espacios calidos, Ateneo de Caracas.

1989 - Received graduate title: Sufficiency in Plastic Arts and universal Literature, mention in Pure Art. Institute of Visual Arts  and Literature Cristobal Rojas, Caracas Venezuela.

1987 - Exposition of Paintings at the Gallery El Muro, Las Mercedes Caracas.

1984 - 1989. Advanced studies, superior level, Pure Art: School of Visual Arts, Cristobal Rojas.

1983 - Vocational studies, School of Visual Arts and Literature Cristobal Rojas, Caracas Ven.


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The Walk

The Walk
 Acrilyc On paper

I am alone in a strange city and know no one,
nor do I understand the tongue they speak.
But someone shines suddenly, in the midst of the multitude,
like the sudden flash of a word lost in the page or
or a pasture hidden in the bosom of the earth.

Eduardo Galeano, "Ventana sobre la ciudad (II)"


Mixed technique on paper

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